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  • Passing on Positive Change – A Mother’s Day Story

    With May bringing us both Melanoma Awareness Month and Mother’s Day, there is a clear connection and opportunity for me to briefly share a piece of my story. For me, this cause has tremendous significance because of the impact it has had on my family and life thus far. When I was nine years old, […]

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  • A Painful Lesson

    Being married for 5 years, my husband Jason and I had our anniversary trip to Bali for 2 weeks. It was definitely one of the most amazing and memorable trips we’ve had – beautiful beaches, fresh seafood, adventurous outdoor activities, and relaxing spas. However, I also learned a painful lesson from the trip, a really […]

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  • Transforming the way we learn about Sun Safety

    One blistering sunburn in childhood or adolescence more than doubles a person’s chances of developing melanoma later in life.  Therefore, educating youth, and those who influence youth, is vital in raising awareness about staying safe in the sun. We encourage you to take the online Enright Sun Safety Certification™ programs, for ages 5 and over, […]

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